Integrating Sexual Health as a Pelvic Health Care Provider:

How to ask the awkward questions

and provide creative solutions

Calling all pelvic health providers! This webinar provides valuable knowledge and practical techniques that you can use immediately to enhance your pelvic health practice.

Expect To Learn:

1. Role Differentiation:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the distinct roles and responsibilities of a sexual counselor versus a sexual therapist.

2. Evidence-Based Framework:

  • Discover robust and evidence-based frameworks for taking a comprehensive sexual history. Learn the basic guidelines for sexual history taking that you can begin to use right away.

3. Intervention Techniques:

  • Learn an intervention strategy for dealing with sexual dysfunction and related concerns from several different angles. Equip yourself with practical tools that you can apply immediately!

Don't miss this free opportunity to enhance your expertise and better support the sexual health and well-being of those you assist.